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Sabtu, 05 Januari 2008

Samosir is Ecotix Island in Toba’s Lake

AFTER over a hill, from turn over repeatedlying of tree and pine bar which is a lot of growing in visible roadside of blue water carpet. Cold atmosphere and fresh water aroma start to fulfill the chest and disseminate the ruthless and breathe again the. Slow, feel tired after going through four transportation clock from Field sirna.
Of course a exotic experience is which do not be laid open by when can witness the morning sunshine fall on the surface of that calm lake, or enjoy the stillness of moment evening Dance to start to infiltrate at the opposite of firmament. Do not be wrong if glory of Lake Toba got about till to sharing angle of world and pelosok country
Moment enter the Parapat, a town by the side of Lake Toba, one would charmingly shake hand the Toba. Others, Iethargy immediately sirna of when people a moment enjoy its warmness copy at the same time mereguk of[is beauty of Lake Toba. Fatigue will gradually vanish the typical tatkala dish of North Sumatra, Minang, or Field presented by various restaurant residing in especial wayside of that town is empty innards;bowels. Others, Iethargy of all traveller can be eliminated by a moment enjoy the typical mango parapat delicacy feltly.
Toba formed of by eruption a mount have fire. The top of the mountain collapse and happen the Lake Toba. Partly that ruins become the Island Samosir. Experienced Event make that area become to respect the. Lake for the width of that 6,60 kilometre persegi is encircled by the hill wall boosting high till 480 metre of is above sea level.
Hill in side south-east and east referred as by Hill of Habinsaran and Simanukmanuk. That Wall dissociate the Uluan and coast of Sumatra east. Uluan represent the high hilly area thereunder nya there are Toba Holbung or Dale Toba. In this area there are overpopulated and fertile agriculture farm. This area located in between Porsea and Balige.
Meanwhile, in more area of referred growed by the grass and bush and also stoney. From among stoney of that's emerging clear wellspring source. In that area there is one so called great river of Aek Sigeaon, getting through plain pahae at elbow wide Dale Silindung. In upstate known as by a incense producer. That place is recognized with the title Sijama-Polang or penyadap of incense tree. Almost all that area located in height 900 till 1.800 metre of is above sea level, with its top in area of Mountain Pucuk bukit. Other MerapiVolcano Eruption
With paying Rp 45.000 for the ship of and Rp 1.500 for the passenger of, all tourist can use the service of sea transport of ferry which is every three clock lean the. Ferry " Tao Toba I" and " Tao Toba II" during one day by join experience the route Ajibata-Tomok in Samosir. Transportation with the the ferry gone through by during more or less two clock.
Tomok represent one of the some tourism center in area Samosir. Other Area is which also represent the tourism center of around Lake of Toba and Samosir is Tuk-Tuk, mausoleum of king Batak in Sidabutar, Palace of King Batak in Ambarita, and also center the crafting of cloth ulos in area Pangururan.
In that area a lot of standing souvenir shop selling various goods of crafting of like ulos, typical woodcarving of ground Batak of like system of calendar batak, made drug place from bamboo, and also guitar batak. Others, in that area, as in Tomok and Tuk-Tuk, a lot of there are villa and lodging which have tariff to of mean Rp 75.000 till Rp 150.000. [In] that area also a lot of standing hotel have star to one till have star to two which its tariff until Rp 350.000 per night. That hotel is founded by the side of lake so that facilitate to all tourist to enjoy the facility swim in lake.
In area which is a lot of visited by the that foreign countries tourist also a lot of founded [by] restaurant and shop offering various snacks, good have goal to feel traditional like rendang and fish burn and also which have goal to feel international like hamburger and pizza. that restaurant Or shop a lot of founded by the side of lake so that all tourist can dine the dish at the same time enjoy the beauty of lake.
Therefore, almost alongside walke among Tomok, Tuk-Tuk till Pangururan aparting more than 40 kilometre of a lot of met by all tourist of foreign countries cycling to enjoy the rural atmosphere. bicycle Or motorbike of a lot of enthused by the tourist of because that transportation appliance earn is easily used to explore the rural pelosok and kampong in area of Toba and Samosir.
Despitefully, walke in the area narrow and in some difficult damage place till if we like to explore it with the car.
A tourist of Germany origin, Martin Koessler, telling, keelokan Toba lay in by resident sociability and experienced of Toba which relative still experience of. That matter is agreed also by its friend, Florian Rott, impressing at attitude of a countryside resident presenting rice of berlauk small fish their moment visit a countrified in Pangururan. " We unnecessary to Toba if we like to enjoy the pizza. We will to Italian if we like to eat the pizza," papar Florian.
Authenticity of Face Toba which they witness the moment enter countrified, as in Simarmata, Sagala, and Sihaloho, very get an impression them. In that kampong is they can enjoy the way of citizen Batak traditionally prepare the coffee which jell or enjoy the food by using hand. Resident sociability very get an impression them.

Toba’s Lake is a Biggest Vulkanik Lake in World

Lake is a vulkanik lake of equal to 100km x 30km in North Sumatra, Sumatra, Indonesia. Adjoining there are a so called island vulkanik of Island Samosir.
Toba’s lake of since old year become the important target traveling area in North Sumatra of besides Hill of Lawang and Nias, drawing domestic tourist and also foreign countries.
Estimated by Lake Toba happened by the explosion moment of about 73.000-75.000 year ago and represent the eruption supervolcano ( mount have super fire to) newest. Bill Rose and Craig Chesner from Michigan Technological University estimate that substance vulkanik vomited by that mount as much 2800km3, by 800km3 is rock ignimbrit and 2000km3 ash vulkanik estimated to be blown by wind to west of during 2 week
This occurence cause the mass death and at some species is also followed by the destruction. According to some evidence DNA, this eruption also shrink the amount of human being until about just thousands of
After the eruption, formed by later kaldera loaded by water and become which is known as by Lake Toba. Pressure to for by magma which not yet gone out to cause the appearance of Island Samosir.